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If you would like to speak to any of our customers prior to purchasing please let us know and we will forward your message on to them to contact you. For obvious reasons we cannot give out my customers details unless they expressly consent.


Why don't other companies behave this way?

Thank you so much Daniel for advising me to spend over £70 less with your company than I had intended to!  Where else would I have received that kind of advice? You were, of course, absolutely right, and I now feel I am getting the correct products.  I will certainly be coming back to purchase more expensive items as and when I need them.  With such brilliant advice and service, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else now.  I will be recommending you to my City and Guilds photography course and anyone else I can think of.  Why don't other companies behave this way?  It seems fairly obvious to me that customers will return if they are given a fair deal.  Looking forward to more good advice, and many thanks.

Martina Tierney 

Couldn't have done it without Elemental...

"Couldn't have done it without the guys from Elemental! 

Point 1 - the reason I am writing this testimonial is because I owe a debt to elemental... I literally couldn't have done it without their help and support.  The equipment and their expert advice has meant that my photos have improved from amateur to semipro, with some very satisfied clients. I took photos for my students' year 11 Prom last year.  The photos were reasonable, and the students were happy.  I used a 430EX flash gun bounced off the wall from my Canon 50D with standard 18-55mm lens. This year, when approached by Year 13 for their prom, I promised them professional results.  At that stage I knew very little. So, I looked up a reference from a few months ago in a photography magazine. I did some research on the web.  I picked up the phone, and had a conversation with Daniel about what I would need.  A further conversation with Sean and I had an idea of the equipment I would need - a set up based on their new Trinity range.

Point 2 - Nothing is too much of a problem...  Help!  Elemental were going to be getting their shipment of Trinity lights in around about the time of my shoot.  I just couldn't take the risk of leaving it so late.  Solution - Daniel offers to lend me a set of Genesis lights and offers to swap them around when the new lights are in. Two weeks later, I turned up at their offices/studio to take delivery.  Jess spent an hour showing me the equipment, and I was able to drive off with a full set - 3x 600W lights; stands; radio triggers; two black/silver umbrellas; soft box; two white umbrellas; backcloth support; white and a black backcloth.  I also had in my possession some detailed notes for my specific requirements for the shoot.

A week before the shoot, Jess rings me, to tell me the Trinity lights are now in.  Elemental pay for the new lights to be sent up to York and swapped for the loan ones.  I now practice over the weekend, but can't remember how to get the right light settings.  I try again on the wednesday.

Point 3 - There is always help at the end of the phone - Jess shows me where I am going wrong - not triggering the light meter correctly - and I set out for the shoot that Thursday evening. Thank goodness I thought to buy three lights for a two light setup... the strobe light fails in the first one out of the box which was working fine at the weekend.  However, I need a two light setup, and my two remaining
Trinity 600Ws work brilliantly.  [Elemental guarantee any broken strobes in the first year BTW].  

I end up with studio quality photos, my students are happy, and did I say... I couldn't have done it without Elemental.

The photographic story is here www.gr8ict.com/photos/proms/ and I will be adding a tutorial with my 'gotchas' soon.

Thanks again,

Chris Sharples


Excerpt taken from a Photography Forum in the UK

Well, after investing in a number of Bowens pro lights I set about buying up modifiers for them. I bought a couple of softboxes, beauty dishes, octabanks and a background reflector. As you can imagine, that little lot cost a pretty penny.

Now I was going to buy a few more but a friend of mine recommended I checked out Elemental for their modifiers. I checked out the site and was naturally a bit skeptical because of the huge price difference between them and Bowens so you wonder where the comprimise is going to be.

Anywho, I spoke to them on the phone and they explained that because they are a smaller company they dont have the overheads that a huge company like Bowens do... fair enough.

I figured that what the hell, they are cheap as chips I will buy a couple of octabanks and some tall full length softboxes with grids.

Well, they arrived next day (today) and I am astounded. Basically they are EXACTLY THE SAME as the Bowens kit... same look, same fittings, same colour and same flipping material and build quality too!

Why oh WHY didnt I find out about these BEFORE I spent a huge chunk of cash on excatly the same products, but with a brand that costs 5 times as much

Unless anyone else has experience with these bits of kit that I should know about, I have built them all and used them and I cannot find a blind bit of difference... I am so angry I could crush a grape

Anyways... rant over and I hope that anyone about to shed out cash on expensive bowens modifiers might want to check out elementals product range instead.



Having previously bought a Interfit EX150 kit to try out studio flash. I was a little disappointed when one of the heads decided to stop working and start smoking. We all know that smoking is bad for your health, so I needed to find another head. After reading the review on your Genesis 2 kit in a photographic magazine, and looking at the competition I opted for your kit.I am now patting myself on the back for making a brilliant decision.

So what made me choose your kit? Lets not beat around the bush, the first thing is price! What a bargain, you can not get the same spec of kit anywhere for that price. Secondly when you want an accessory's for the heads, with the EX range you have to buy EX stuff. With your stuff using the S fitting, you can fit any item you want. Again you come up trumps as the prices of your accessory's are cheaper then the competition.

Then you have the build quality which I will cover next. The first thing I unpacked was the reflector. It is as good as the Lastolite and Portaflash reflectors that I have. Its very ridged when its open and is easy to handle. The next things I unpacked was the heads. With metal body's and very good quality switches that are very well laid out. They are where you expect them to be, and are easy to understand what switch controls which function. The locking mechanism for the accessory's is positive and you know the item is held securely. They even have a good handle to help position the head. Who ever designed them knows what they are talking about. The power leads are long enough to position the heads anywhere in my studio (spare room), and the sync leads unlike my interfit ones fit securely in to the pc sync socket of my Canon 30D.

Next to see the light of day was the radio trigger and receiver. Easy to set up and understand what the switchers do. Placing the speed ring and softbox to one side I then lifted out the stands. The first thing that struck me was the diameter of the tubing used in construction. They make my Interfit Cor 750 stands look weedy. I like the way the legs lock. Unlike my Interfit stands, when you over tighten the leg lock. It dose not restrict the movement of the section within the base tube. They are very sturdy and the extension locks are again positive and secure.

I then decided to put the softbox together. A quick look at the video on the web site and it was together in about 5 Min's. The size of it is big enough for what I do, and again I was impressed the the build quality and method of construction.

Last but not least was the armoured bag. What a great idea! I can now move my flash set around without having to bubble wrap everything, giving me peace of mind that my investment is protected.

So thank you again Elemental. My Canon 5D is now on hold as I am now saving up for a set of barn doors, snoot and a 400W head. Well done.

R. Roebuck Newark. Nottinghamshire.


Hi Elemental,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the help and advice given prior to my recent purchase.

For anyone looking into buying studio kit, save yourself a load of research time as you have already found your one stop shop to studio equipment!

Simply call one of their photographers and they will advise you on what you need for your intended purpose and do the best they can for your budget.. it really is that straight forward.

Before taking the big step into buying my studio lighting I spent three months doing some heavy research and received a lot of advice and opinions. I looked at all of the big brands like Elinchrom and Bowens', but it wasn't long before Elemental were mentioned and I found a lot of people who were very very quick in singing their praises!

So, I concentrated on Elemental and could not find a single negative comment about them, which to be fair is amazing.

I started to exchange emails with Danny who to be fair, answered them quickly and professionally. "At no stage" was there any big sales push or "you need this honest"!

Danny asked me what my intended use was and gave me his professional advice on my requirements. The kit that I was advised on was actually £300 cheaper than the one I first intended to buy which to me shows that Elemental are more concerned with professionalism and reputation before profits.

I decided to attend one of Danny's monthly studio meets to get a real feel for studio lighting and the brand. I was totally blown away by the quality and again the advice on the night, my mind was made up by that stage, plain and simple!

There's a twist to the story as the Elemental Visico Digital range had just arrived and I had a chance to use them on the night, so that's what I decided on and Danny put one hell of a deal together for me :O)

I chose the Digital Visico lighting purely on choice as I liked the idea (being new to studio lighting) of seeing the setting on the rear panel. The quality of the Pro M Series are to the same high standard and I would of bought these had the Digital Heads not been available.

Well, I have had my kit for two weeks now and all I can say is WOW! The quality of everything is simply awesome, I've had no problems what so ever and the results are spot on!

So, to sum up my total customer experience - Elemental are a rarity in todays market in as much as you get what you "The Customer" deserve! Superior advice and customer service, amazing value for money, a very professional high quality product at a fraction of the competitors markup, BUT most of all someone on the end of the phone/email who a) cares and b) actually knows what they are talking about!

I would recommend Elemental to anyone and have already posted my views across multiple forums as I feel everyone should have the chance to deal with these guys!

Still in doubt? Easy, Danny has both my email and telephone number, give him a call and I am more than happy for him to pass on my details so that you can contact me directly! and if your in the Gwent area of S.Wales I'll happily demonstrate them for you.

Jason Fagan

A Real Gem

I feel like I have discovered a real jem of a company where attention is given to the whole package. I would be hard pushed to think of a single company where the level of support, expertise and customer service can be matched and I certainly don’t think it could be bettered. It is impressive to pick up the phone to get some advice on what studio equipment I need to meet my requirements and speak to the managing director of the company himself. Even better that you (Danny) are so well qualified to advise me having been a pro for 20 years or so and have been involved in the development of the kit yourself.

Speaking to you and Jess, who both have a real passion for photography, makes the world of difference. As does getting great tips, help and advice and responding to my various queries about the type of work I needed to do and what kit would suit my needs best.

In the end all I had to do after discussing my requirements was ask you to put a piece of kit together for a sub £1,000 budget. Then – as I couldn’t wait to see the kit - I just had to come down to Elemental myself and meet you all and see the company firsthand.

Your friendly, attentive and enthusiastic service cannot be faulted. I could have stayed and chatted all day. And I feel I have made a contact for life that can continue to equip me for all of my future lighting needs.

The equipment does not disappoint. I went for

2 x M600w Professional Studio Strobes 2 x M300w Professional Studio Strobes 4 x Detachable Dish Reflectors (Spill kills) 4 x 150w Modeling Bulbs 4 x Sync Cords for wired connection 4 x WT806a Pro Series Air Cushioned Light Stands 1 x 90cm Octagonal Softbox 1 x 120cm Octagonal SB 2 x 40" White/Black Umbrella 2 x 40” Black/Silver Umbrella 2 x Pro series Padded Studio Bag 2 x Radio Trigger 2 x 80cm 5 in 1 reflector 2 x Padded Stand Bags 1 x Background Support Stand 1 x Black Backdrop All for the bargain price of £1,000. That blows Bowens and Elinchrome and the rest out of the water in terms of pricing for a start.

Then there’s the build quality...It is exceptional. Every aspect of the kit ooses quality (even down to the superb quality of the air-cushioned stands) and attention to detail with the Elemental badging, high quality bags and cases is the icing on the cake. It is obvious that there have been no shortcuts in any aspect of the kit. It is sturdy, well built, great looking and has all of the technical specifications you could hope for.

The 18 month warranty and assurance that the Elemental designed and developed kit can be serviced in house gives added peace of mind.

Furthermore, I know that if I have any issues or queries or problems that the team at Elemental will look after me and will do for years to come.

You have got a customer for life.

Well done Danny and the team! You deserve every success.

Jane Taylor, Nottingham

I'm Impressed

Hi Elemental,

Thanks for the newsletter.

I must say I am very impressed and pleased with my recent purchase of the Ultra G3 Kit, so much so I had to tell others about it

Many thanks for such a superb product and for such wonderful customer service.

G3 Review - Bryan O’Hara

What a company! This has to be the best company I have ever dealt with, from ordering my Mega studio 2 ( That arrived the very next day ) to replacing one of the lights that had a slight fault ( again the very next day ) And even to the point of offering me a good discount on a backdrop and stand, that I could have ordered at the same time with another Kit but didn't realise. What a team ! I certainly will be telling all my friends and using them again.

Thanks Elemental

Paul Sims
Newport gwent

Utterly Delighted

I received your B-Series 2-head kit in December and have been utterly delighted with it ever since. The portability means I can take a full studio to shoots even using the bus!

I had never used studio lighting before and didn't have a clue how to set the whole thing up. I use a Fuji S9600fd (still saving for a D3!!) and wasn't certain how compatible it might be with pro kit. However everything seemed to work first time. Everything is designed so intuitively that within a week I was taking and selling my first professional portraits.

I would willingly recommend Elemental Lighting to anyone. Especially those, who like myself, are just starting out and need a quality kit at an accessible price. (You can quote me on that!)

Many thanks.

Stuart Parry
stueytheround photography

So professional

Hi Elemental,

I Just love this kit. Unpacking it and setting it up you are grabbed straight away. Visually it looks so good, it really appeals to the artist in us down to the very tasteful red trimmed softboxes and the white 'elemental' logo on all the bags and softboxes. The 1 x 600 and 3 x 300 heads all look just great. When such attention to detail has been given to the appearance you truly suspect that the same minute attention has been given to the technical build. It just doesnt disappointment on that score. It is rock solid and extremely well laid out in its design. The air cushioned stands are tasteful and very stable. I have to say it is the complete package, and worth far more than it costs. It fired consistently every time, as did the slave system, and the radio trigger set you provided works perfectly with my Sekonic meter, and my Canon 5D. I am so happy with it, it is extremely easy to use, but also is a seriously professional piece of kit. Thank you for all your time and for answering all my questions so professionally. You were true to your word about arrival dates, and have been really kind and helpful. Many Thanks, and I do hope the business goes from strength to strength.

Phil Rawson

Excellent Lights

Excellent lights and fantastic customer service. Had a minor problem - no ones fault - which was dealt with perfectly. Helpful personal service which makes such a great change from help lines, call centres etc. Fully recommend.

John M London

An Absolute Steal!

Hi Elemental,

I just wanted to write to let you know how happy I am with the 'B' Series Ultra Studio 3 Kit that I purchased from Elemental. I must admit to initially having reservations about buying equipment from a company I had never heard of prior to reading the review in DSLR Photography magazine. However, following the phone conversation I had with yourself, and your promise of a 12 month 'no quibble' returns policy, I was convinced to give it a shot.

Let me just say that I'm so glad I did take that risk as its paid off big-time. I was immediately impressed with the high build quality of the kit, even despite the fact that it is one of the more basic kits you offer.

The ease of use was also such a relief for someone like myself who had absolutely zero studio lighting experience previously. Within 30 minutes of trial and error with the kit I already found myself producing some pretty decent shots.

To get a kit including 3 heads plus a complete background system that is ideal for a beginner like myself, all for less than £400 is an absolute steal! I won't hesitate to reccommend Elemental to anyone considering buying studio lights, and I'm sure that if I need additional equipment or maybe even an upgrade in the future, then you will be the first name I think of.

An excellent product and outstanding customer service!

Once again, thanks to Danny and all at Elemental.

Elliott Langmead

Very Impressed

I received the Mega Studio 2 B Series kit today! A day earlier than expected! I've never used a studio setup before but 20 minutes after unpacking the boxes, I was shooting portraits of the only model around....my dog! I was surprised how easy the lamps are to use and I'm very impressed by the quality of all the equipment. The stepless power settings made for easy exposure adjustment and the wireless trigger worked first time when connected to the Canon 400D. There is loads of room in the bag for the other heads and attachments that I'm eventually going to buy from you.

Ralph Kelly

The kit is excellent

Thanks very much for the rapid service. The kit is excellent - I have 3 air stands and 3 x 300 lights, silver and white brollies, standard softbox and octagon softbox (its huge!) etc etc. Having used it several times now, I can honestly say its well made, superb quality and value for money. I will never think about buying any other lighting kit in the future. Where I had several numbers in the past for other lighting, I have now "totally gone Elemental!"

Feel free to get any of your potential customers to phone or email me if they want an honest opinion.


APL Photography

The equipment was Outstanding

Dear Danny And everyone at elemental

Thank you for my order. The delivery was very quick, and the equipment was outstanding, you were very polite and quick to sort out the problem of an item missing out of my studio.

Once again thank to everyone there, hope to do business with you again in the near future.

Adam Squires

The best money I have spent

My M600 kit arrived yesterday, and can I just say, its the best money I have spent since becoming a professional photographer ten years ago. I've been looking for a new studio kit for some time, and done lots of research on the 'big guns', before finding your site on the Internet. To be honest, I thought your products looked too good to be true, and I almost bought a kit at nearly three times the price, until I spoke to you, and you were so knowledgeable and helpful, I decided to take a chance on Elemental.

Your kit is absolutely fantastic! The build quality is simply incredible, I set it up right away, and it performs superbly, in every way! There are no words to express my gratitude to you, all I can say is this: if buyers out there got the opportunity to compare your kit with the big brands, as I now have, your kit would outsell all of them! ITS THAT GOOD!!!

Alan Hammond

Floored with the Quality

Hi Elemental,

Your M1200 Studio kit arrived today and I am floored with the quality. It's top drawer, look out the big boys because Elemental is going to steal all your trade if he keeps this up. So glad I spoke to you before I bought, as I was looking at more expensive options. Your service is also first class, told me the truth from start to finish. That to me is worth more than the cash I saved.

I wish you all the best in your move to your new premises and hope someday that I will be able to visit it.

Now the hard work begins and I hope that I can make it in the photography business, the only problem is I can't blame the studio equipment if I don't.

Hope to buy more from you soon

Tommy Cochrane

Up there with the best

I’ve always been a believer in the saying, “you get what you pay for”, so when I was looking around for some studio flash I immediately thought of Bowens, Elinchrom, or one of the big names but I happened upon Elemental via e-photozine and was impressed by the professional looking site. I then hunted down some very favourable product reviews and decided to give them a ring.

I spoke to Danny, who was extremely helpful and friendly, and put an order in for the M Series Pro Studio 900, 3 head kit. I’ve used various flash set-ups in the past, some costing probably triple what I paid for, but Elemental are up there with the best.

I can’t believe I only paid a couple of hundred quid more than I paid for my flashgun…3 heads and accessories, all very solidly built, even the stands are excellent quality. I’m still a believer that you get what you pay for, but in the case of Elemental you get lot more than you pay for.

Keep on flashin’

Arthur Gold

Amazing Customer Care

Hi Elemental

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing customer care. Your products and service are superb.

I was so impressed with the overall quality of the Pro Studio 1200 kit. The build quality exceeded my expectations. I am so glad I found your website and would highly recommend you and your company.

I am more than happy to show the kit to any potential customers in Northern Ireland that have any doubts about their purchase.

All the Best

Tomas Mcsinska


Hi there. I popped over from Milton Keynes recently and bought this studio from you. I LOVE IT! I have made back my money on it from using it, and it serves all my needs at the moment. I am very pleased.

Milton Keynes

Fabulous equipment

Fabulous equipment, incredibly quick delivery and best of all it saved me a small fortune!

Graham Stewart,

The best aftercare

The best aftercare service I've ever experienced. They talked me though how to set everything up, and showed me lighting examples to help me get up and running. Brilliant brilliant brilliant!

Tom Pickering,
Cork, Ireland

Cannot Believe!

What a fabulous kit! I actually expected pretty c**p quality for under £300, but cannot believe just how good the lights and accessories are. I'll be recommending you to my friends at University

Abigail Ogayu,
Leeds, UK

You've been wonderful

Dear elemental,

I received the studio kit on Wednesday and just wanted to say a real thank you for all your help choosing the right product for us. I did as you suggested and had a look around at the alternatives before buying, but I couldn't find a flash kit this good or at this price anywhere. We've started taking photos on the shooting table and they are coming out so much better than they did before. We haven't started selling the jewellery yet as we've got a lot of stock to Photograph, but hopefully decent photographs will make all the difference. Thanks again, you've been wonderful.

Jemma & Matthew Simms,

Really pleased

Hi Elemental.

Just a quick note to say that I'm really pleased with the studio flashes. I'm a little bit nervous about starting up on the road to being a professional portrait photographer, and I thought the outfit would really confuse me but it's really easy to use and I've actually managed to take a couple of good photos! I'll try and email one when I've got one good enough to show you.

Philip Orson ,
Catford, London

The Best!

The best £800 I've ever spent. I've sent my D-Lites back to The ***** ***** - don't think they're too pleased!

Highbury, London

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